Founded in early 2013, I started something I've always wanted to do. A review page just for metal music. The journey and interest in metal started when I was working in a centre where frequently metal bands played. Before that, I was into the heavier pop-rock. It really kickstarted my interest in metal. 

Eventually, the organizers of a metal-evening, asked me if I wanted do book some bands. I booked a few local bands and it was a decent success. After doing that for a couple of times, a few bands asked me if I knew someone that was willing to do reviews. I didn't knew those people so I started doing it myself. 

So I started this page. My father has designed the logo for GMP. So that journey began with the first review I've done for Ecocide. And now we are here. 50 reviews later, I wanted to take the next step which is this website.

I hope you all would like this and experience this with me.

Good Music Promotions
Founded in 2013
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